About Us
If You’re Looking For A Fitness Program That’s Fun & Effective, Join Us At She Rocks Fitness In Huntington Beach For A 35-Minute Workout To A Stronger You.
She Rocks Fitness is the only Huntington Beach women’s Small Group Training focused on helping YOU become strong and empowered. Our unique program takes half the time of normal fitness programs and allows you to work at your own pace. Each flexible and customized workout is easy on your joints and doesn’t require running. If you’re looking for a fitness program that is fun and effective and a 35-minute workout to help you lose those unwanted inches, contact us today to get started!
Who we are…
My name is Michael Sperling; I want to let you know I’m committed to you. I have a passion for fitness and a passion for your well being and to be totally honest with you, I am sick of the fitness and weight loss industry selling solutions to women that don’t work! From diets that claim to lose 10 lbs in a week to ridiculous infomercials products that promise undeliverable results, women are being lied to and scammed on a daily basis.
I Want To Reach Out To You Just Like I Reached Out To All Of My Clients That Have Been A Part Of My Program. I Want To Show You How This Program Has All The Benefits Of Personal Training And None Of The Drawbacks ($).
I Developed a Program That
  • Takes ½ the time of normal programs
  • Is more individualized than boot camps
  • Costs less than boot camps
  • Is more flexible than most programs
  • Provides a superior workout
  • Allows you to workout at your own pace
  • Is easier on your joints and doesn’t require any running or a single lunge