Huntington Beach Women's Boot Camp trainer takes women hand by hand and shows them how to finally lose those unwanted inches

You have just found the only Huntington Beach Women's Boot Camp that tones your arms, flattens your stomach and gets you back into your skinny jeans without spending long hours in the gym or out on the wet grass.

Well Sorta…
This is NOT exactly a normal Boot Camp!

If you're looking for a fitness program that is a portion of the cost of a private personal trainer,
and a 35 MINUTE workout that is FUN and EFFECTIVE…
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No Princesses AllowedIt's only fair to tell you… we are not here to pamper you, become your therapist or listen to you complain. We are here to get serious results in the shortest time possible.
Please understand we are only concerned about your health and wellbeing if you are. If you are not concerned about these things then please don't call.

Aren't You Tired of…

  • Living at the beach and being terrified of a bathing suit
  • Not able to remember when your husband gave you “that look”
  • Not knowing what to do to lose weight
  • Not having someone to push you when things get tough
  • Wasting your time with hours of cardio only to feel no difference in tone.

Michael SperlingMichael Sperling, R.K.C.
She Rocks Fitness
9582 Hamilton Ave
Huntington Beach, CA
(949) 400-7629

Dear Ladies,

My name is Michael Sperling; I want to let you know I'm committed to you.  I have a passion for fitness and a passion for your well being and to be totally honest with you, I am sick of the fitness and weight loss industry selling solutions to women that don't work! From diets that claim to lose 10 lbs in a week to ridiculous infomercial products that promise undeliverable results, women are being lied to and scammed on a daily basis.

I want to reach out to you just like I reached out to all of my clients that have been a part of my program.  I want to show you how this program has all the benefits of personal training and none of the drawbacks ($).

I developed a program that

  • Takes ½ the time of normal boot camps
  • Is more individualized than normal boot camps
  • Costs less than normal boot camps
  • Is more flexible than normal boot camps
  • Provides a superior workout than normal boot camps
  • Allows you to workout at your own pace unlike normal boot camps
  • Is easier on your joints, doesn't require any running or a single lunge

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"I have lost 58 lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a size 8"

Diane DuVall BeforeThis is me at my son's birthday party September 19, 2008.   Nice rear shot, huh?  My “excuse” was now officially seven years old.   My job had me in front of a computer for over 20 years.   I have barely worked out at all in my entire life but was on many “roller coaster” diets.  I really hated working out.   But I did a quick on-line calculation of my BMI after my last check-up at the doctors and realized I was clinically obese.  Something had to be done about it.   I was tired all the time too.  I knew that exercise was going to be the answer.

At first I thought that I would have to spend hours on a Stairmaster doing cardio for months in never-ending monotony.   This was hardly motivating.  Also, I was skeptical about working out with a personal trainer.  I thought that they were only for people who were already fit.  I didn't want to work out with a bunch of "barbies".  But so many people raved about Michael's class and with the free try-outs, I thought, how big could the commitment really be?   

Well, I slowly got hooked.   I really liked how Michael understood my level of capability and tailored the exercised for me.  They would increase with difficulty with time but I understood how my “core” was working for me.   Overtime, Michael would explain more and more about the changes in fitness from the past and I really understood now how important interval training is to increasing metabolism.    Also, Michael kept tabs on my diet log and made recommendations on how I can increase my protein intake and other dietary "hints."

Further, Michael made it fun and not too boringly repetitive.  He was very motivating and helped me through difficult times in my work out to get me through.  Also, since I wasn't very coordinated, Michael paid attention to how I was doing my exercised and would "fine-tune" me with the correct position or movement. 

Diane DuVall Before & AfterNow it is November 8, 2008.  What has changed in me?   Lots!   I look forward to working out with Michael three times per week and squeeze in some interval walking (up and down hills).    I have more motivation to chase my kids around and I sleep more soundly.   Also, after years of having none – I have some upper body strength.   AND THE BIG RESULTS SO FAR… I have dropped a whole pants size and also 9 pounds!   I can see and feel my waist again!    My next "goal" is to do real push-ups.  Watch out Madonna!  

Diane DuVall
December 8, 2008

Can you picture how strong, toned and healthy you're going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:

  • Diets that are impossible to follow
  • Not having the time to workout
  • Feeling unattractive
  • Bra strap fat
  • Boring, redundant workouts
  • Not having enough energy
  • Workouts that don't target your problem areas
  • Boring cardio workouts
  • Not having anyone to motivate, encourage and care about your fitness goals

If you are thinking about trying a fitness program that truly works then start She Rocks Fitness TODAY. 

Not only are you going to become a sexier, toner, more energized, newer you; you are going to be the healthiest woman that you can be. 

"I have lost 22 pounds!"

Michelle Sperling Before & AfterI have been an athlete my whole life and I always look for ways to get stronger.

I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years and have learned a lot about strength training.  However, after using kettlebells the last two years with my wonderful husband Michael I am stronger today than I ever was at the peak of my competitive training.

I only wish I could have had a program like She Rocks Fitness when I was a competitive swimmer!  Thank you for making me a rock solid athlete!

Michelle Sperling, Huntington Beach

"I used She Rocks and lost 18 lbs"

Dawn Brown Before & AfterI used She Rocks to get ready for my wedding and lost 18 lbs. I have a membership to a gym but never use it because it boring and its hard to get motivated to go. With She Rocks, I realized after the first workout just how different this is. I not only saw my waist get smaller but also felt stronger after every workout. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a different type of workout that works surprisingly fast. Thanks, Michael!

Dawn Rose

"Better results with half the money"

Rhonda Binder Before & AfterI have had personal trainers for years ended up getting bored or feeling way too sore. I have seen better results with She Rocks and have spent less than half the money doing so. The workouts are challenging, fun and really quick. I actually look forward to coming to class and working out with the ladies.

Rhonda Binder

Jackie Bowen"These workouts got me into my dream wedding dress"

I have always been in shape but have never really liked working out. I used to get bored easily and always bounced around from one thing to another. I have been with She Rocks for more than a year and continue to love it. I like how the workouts are quick and as challenging as I make them. These workouts got me into my dream wedding dress and I loved how I looked on the biggest day of my life!

Jackie Bowen, Costa Mesa

"I have lost 4 sizes."

Kris Stover Before & AfterHi, my name is Kris and I just have to tell you about what a difference She Rocks Fitness has made for me! I am 45 years and as an adult have never worked out. However, that all changed when my sister had me join She Rocks Fitness. I've been working out now for approximately 6 months and in that time, I have lost 4 sizes.

I was a 16 and now am down to a 12. I want to be healthy and happy and even when I reach my goal of a size 10, I'm going to continue the workout because I want to stay healthy and fit.

I promise, you give it a try and you WON'T be disappointed!

Kris Stover

"I have lost more than 25 lbs"

Jennifer H. Before & AfterI have lost more than 25 lbs and if I can do this, anyone can! I have not been able to stick to any workout program for more than 2 months my whole adult life. I have been with She Rocks now for over a year and feel better than ever. I have seen the fruits of my labor and love it! Thanks Michael!

Jennifer H., Huntington Beach

"She Rocks Fitness has helped me get into four dress sizes smaller"

Angela Page Before & AfterI was with a personal trainer for 8 months and had to stop training with him because of the high cost.  I am so happy I have found She Rocks Fitness because I have seen amazing results in the last 3 months and the best part it is less than HALF THE COST of a personal trainer.  She Rocks Fitness has helped me get into four dress sizes smaller and more cash in my wallet.

Angela Page

"I have lost 110 pounds!"

Lily Before & AfterI have lost 110 pounds!  I initially wanted to lose 75lbs, and even though it sounded impossible… I did it. And more!  After that I continued to lose 35 more and have kept it off.

For me the biggest challenge finding an environment that where I felt comfortable and not self-conscience.   I like the variety of the exercises and how fast the workouts are. I can truly say, this program has changed my life! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see results fast.

Lily, Orange County

"I have been hooked and could not back to a “gym” style workout."

Cindy Rogers Before & AfterI first found She Rocks Fitness when looking for an alternative to “the gym.” I had become bored and often found myself dreading the workouts that were having less and less effect on my body.

After the first workout I realized She Rocks was totally different and could see why it's so effective. It was still hard for me believe I would see real results in only 35 minutes, but became a believer when my clothes were getting baggier and baggier. Since then I have been hooked and could not think of going back to a “gym” style workout.

Cindy Rodgers

"Losing 25 lbs and toning up has made me realize what I CAN do."

Cynthia Smith Before & AfterMichael,

Thank you for helping me NOT be the Mom who sits on the sideline and watch her kids play. This past summer has been full of hiking, swimming, innertubing and various other acitivities that I would have never thought I could do. Losing 25 lbs and toning up has made me realize what I CAN do.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, I no longer have lower back aches and have dropped at least two jean sizes!

Cynthia Smith

This is the best decision you can make.
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  • A motivating and supportive environment.
  • Fun and effective workout will reduce stress.
  • Cardio, resistance training and stomach flattening exercises all in 35 minutes.
  • Accelerated workout with unconventional exercises.

See how She Rocks Boot Camp compares to the competition

Key Components for
successful fat loss:

She Rocks Fitness

Working out on your own

Pills and powders

Weight loss clinics






Encouragement & Motivation










Faster Metabolism





Toned Muscles





Fun & Effective


Not  likely








Develop habits to keep you in shape forever





Guaranteed Results





She Rocks Fitness Facility

She Rocks Fitness

Other Boot Camps

Fast weight loss in a 35-minute workout.

One hour workout with slow and moderate weight loss and the fat typically comes right back

A worry free Women Only environment.

Men and women completing the same workouts that leads to intimidation.

Comfortable climate controlled facility.  No more dealing with bugs and wet grass

Outdoors where bugs can fly in your mouth and it may be too cold or too hot for your body to work at its maximum potential.

We offer a trial workout with no commitment, no pressure and no obligation

Hardcore sales pitch usually disguised as a free consultation

We make sure you use correct form to improve your posture, minimize injury and maximize results

Not a whole lot of focus on form…more of an anything goes approach

Fun and variety

Boring workouts, no variety

Cutting edge exercise techniques proven by science to get results

You'll perform the same 9 to 11  basic exercises the trainer learned in a 2 day certification class.

Exclusivity, a maximum of 10 women per class

Have unlimited amount of participants in each boot camp class.

A workout at your own pace.

All women are doing the same exercise with NO modifications to meet your needs.

Unlimited Sessions per month and the flexibility to attend any class on schedule

They lock you into a set schedule and you lose sessions when “real life” gets in the way.

Effective and non-traditional cardio used. No more tedious hours of running.

Lots and lots of running to fit in cardio

No bone jarring plyometric exercises or hours and hours of lunges.

Lunges and plyometric exercises that can lead to many injuries.

Stop And Think About This For A Minute!

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OK Michael, I Am Ready, How much is it
And How Do I Get Started??

If you were to join any other boot camp or hire a personal one on one trainer you would pay at least $249-$499 per month. Even at these inflated prices I am willing to bet they cannot deliver a more effective workout and get close to the same results.

And to put all the burden on my shoulders and make this a total no brainer, I'm willing to take away all your uncertainty by offering you a COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We Guarantee Results!

That's how much confidence I have in this program. I truly believe it is my obligation to tell every woman I can about it, so they can reap the rewards like the hundreds of women who have already done it.

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